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July 9, 2012
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CONTEST 2012 - OC Versus OC - Clarifications by AquaWaters CONTEST 2012 - OC Versus OC - Clarifications by AquaWaters

Character template:

Okay, so it's my fault that I posted this shortly before I left on a business trip - which later turned into a family vacation that extended several weeks. So, allow me the chance to clarify certain questions I've been asked about this contest.


Q: I don't understand the rounds. Can you explain it to me?
A: A visual example ( [link] ). Each round, the participants will be placed in a poll in which the audience can choose who they think will win against Aqua's OC (for that round). The winner will be decided by the highest amount of votes. That round's winner will proceed to the next round, while the second place winner will get a picture depicting the fight scene between their enrolled OC and Aqua's OC (for that round). Third place or lower will not receive anything. But the way it's looking right now, everyone will get a picture from Aqua. ; )

Q: Are the participants against the same opponent?
A: No. The participants/Winners will always be against a different OC made by Aqua in each round.

Q: Does Aqua's OC always win in each round? : /
A: No. As a matter of fact, her OC will always lose and never proceed to the next round.

Q: Can I choose who goes against who? Some of the opponents seem easier than others.
A: No. This is because it opens the possibility of someone placing their badass OC against a puny kid. The judges will place them in as much fairness as we can.


Q: Does the second place winners get a picture of their enrolled OC being defeated by Aqua's OC? :/
A: No. The pictures will be neutral - you can't tell who is winning or losing. The pictures will be dynamic in pose involving one ability from each OC, but one OC shall never be hammering down on another.

Q: If you win the finals, what do you get?
A: Two fully coloured pictures of your choice, and it doesn't even have to involve the enrolled OC - it can be whatever you want. Second place winner of the finals only gets one fully coloured picture of your choice.


Q: What are my chances of getting accepted?
A: Right now: 99.99%. Guaranteed at least two pictures involving your enrolled OC, even if you lose - A redrawn full-body picture of the enrolled OC, and a dynamic action scene of enrolled OC vs. that round's opponent.

Q: Can I use a pre-existing character? Or do I have to make a new one up for this contest?
A: If you have an OC that's already made, you're more than welcome to use it! Ensure that the picture is full-body and that you use the character template with the necessary information on it though. : ) You can also make a new one just for this contest too.

Q: Does it have to be fantasy or modern OCs?
A: Whatever you want. Be as creative as you want. You can even have animals participate, or your personified self with some neat abilities. ; )

Q: I'm afraid to enroll because it's confusing and strict...
A: We're all understanding. : ) If you have a question, it will be answered with care. Rules are not as strict as you might think, as a matter of fact, we're pretty lenient. If you have something wrong, we will tell you what the problem is to give you a second chance to change it so that you can enter. : ) Mistakes only make one person grow! (Like my mistake at making this way more complicated than I had initially suspected).

Q: This is way too complicated. Why couldn't you have done the simple art contest?
A: Because Aqua wants to draw. It's nice for her ego to receive pictures of her OCs during an art contest, but the purpose of this contest is for her to practice dynamic action poses and forces her to further develop her OCs.

Questions? Leave a comment or note *AquaWaters, =Dygee, or ~BlitzBolt. : )
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AstralKiwi Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've managed to finish my character sheet =D [link]
I-Faber Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Ok... I've been re-reading the contest rules and since I couldn't figure out exactly how it works, I asked my colleague, but we still couldn't figure it out. :S

The way I interpret the set-up, you character would be in every round (Round 1, Semi-finals and Finals), regardless of whether you'd lose or win against a character. Here's how I interpret the rules as they are currently written:

In round 1 it's all our OC's versus yours, one-on-one. The winners or losers are decided by the audience through a poll. The losers get a picture of how they lost against your character, and the winners would proceed into the semi-finals where they battle...

(We expected: each other, and again winners/losers are decided through a poll, and you would draw a picture for the losers how they lost against their opponent (a selected Round 1 winner they haven't fought before)*. The winners would move to the Finals.) (*Which could be your OC, even if they have already defeated him in the last round. Or possibly, small chance but still possible, your OC is already out of the tournament.)

As we read it: your OC again, regardless of whether he lost against them in the previous round. Then the winners/losers are again decided through a poll, the losers get a picture of how they lost against your OC (even if they won in the last round) and then the winners would move to the finals. Where they battle...

(Again, we'd think: each other, winners/losers are decided through a poll, and you would then draw a picture of the fight between the winner and the loser.)

As we read it: your OC again, regardless of whether he's been defeated twice already by our OC's and is possibly already out of the tournament. And then you draw a comic/picture for the winner and the runner-up how they fought your OC...

Could you perhaps draw a scheme of how your system works? Because right now it seems your OC has Godmode on, has ridiculously high/unfair odds of winning the tournament, and it's very confusing... Depending on how many OC's are supposed to make it to the finals and how you define 'second place winners'.......of each round?? Ok, I give up. Please draw a scheme. This is not a regular tournament style, and can't figure out how this one works exactly. (And who exactly gets what kind of picture?)
AquaWaters Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
Yeah... That's totally my fault. I quickly wrote up the contest before I left to go on a business trip, which later turned into visiting family/friends for a couple more weeks. Your post did make me realize several important information I forgot. : ) Thank you. I hope I was able to answer most of your questions in the reposted Contest deviation. If there's still more questions, do tell me and I'll clarify them for you.
I-Faber Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Oh, and can I point out a minor thing? You mean 'versus', rather than 'verses', although - as I wrote in my journal - I would find that a hilariously interesting kind of contest too. :D
AquaWaters Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012
That's my bad English at its best.

Thank you for picking that up!
I-Faber Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Superb! ^^b Thanks, I get it now.

(Oooh, Awat! *_* I want to fight Awat, hahah. *wishful thinking* )
Wulfe Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012
Looks like a fun contest! ^^ I look forward to seeing the entries. <3
AquaWaters Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
Thank you! I figured this will give me a chance to develop some of my characters I've created and ... kinda abandoned. I'm thinking of using the character template as my basis for all the characters - including the ones for Chaos. If only I had one of these in terms of storylines. D8 haha
Wulfe Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
It's good you're not letting all your old OCs die abandoned. Like mine. Sorry, guys. I'm looking forward to seeing all the development. ^^

The template should work good for your Chaos characters, since the Shishi would all have battle stats to put. I'm not sure where to start with most of mine... XD; But you should totally do a version in black and white like the original profiles, with the Chaos logo~! The contest profile is just too brightly colored~.
AquaWaters Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012
I'm actually thinking of creating another template for characters who aren't combatants. Like... replacing strength with persuasion, charisma with defence, Graceful for Dexterity, etc. etc. It will be slightly different, but hopefully still explaining the essentials in one document.

And you're right about the colours of the current profile. xD; I should make it much darker for Chaos. I'll try to get a document going sometime next week for Chaos, and upload it on dropbox when it's done. : )
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