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March 7, 2009
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Chaos - Yue and Lorina by AquaWaters Chaos - Yue and Lorina by AquaWaters

A Joint project with :iconwulfe:~

NAME: Lorina
AGE: Undetermined

You might be asking why her age is undetermined, the answer is because she's a living dead. She had originally died by the hands of her dear Ilari while he was under the influence of his vampiric behaviour. After a couple of days of Ilari mourning her death, Lukas discovers Lorina's corpse. The only thing he could do was to give her to an acquaintance of his who is working on perfecting the forbidden magic of Resurrection. Although she has indeed come back to life, her soul has already passed on to be reincarnated, so all that is left is an empty shell of Lorina. She continues to follow Yue in order for him to Test in trying to unify her body and soul together again.


AGE: Over 500 yrs old

Even though Safira is considered the ultimate enemy in this world, Yue would probably be the more active antagonist our characters will meet. He is wanted by the Taoist society for as long as they can remember. He disrupts the order by using forbidden magic such as Resurrection and Life Drain.

There is much behind this character that will be revealed later on. I'll can I say is that he is an ancestor of Xin and Xeo. X3 I'm liking his character story so far, so I might do a lot based on it. Such tragic tales...

Side Note: Yue means Moon in Chinese.

Lorina (c) :iconwulfe:
Yue (c) ~AquaWaters
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deidaraxun Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2009
scary..o.o yet awesome xD
AquaWaters Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2009
haha thank you~ :) I like scary-awesomness! D:
deidaraxun Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2009
you really do cuz you keep making scary-awesomeness your becoming a pro at it i think hau~!:P
Wulfe Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009
I like the change of name to Yue~! XD; He looks so cool.

So, how evil is he? I mean, for example, you mentioned a rather ominous test to try and reunite the soul. Is Maria in danger if they find her? o.o;

(Long comment is long)

If I may suggest that Ilari wouldn't have run away~? He wouldn't have anywhere to go, and indeed he didn't leave the house at all in the 11 years until...uh...whatever story-induced reason we come up with to send our main group on their epic journey to save the world.

But, since the person has to be bitten when alive, and she was dying...Ilari would have stayed with her to try and keep Lukas away if he did try to make her a vampire, and probably even after she defense of this position... it's a really big house, a mansion or something, and Lukas wasn't keeping track of them on a daily basis 'cause he has other things to do. So she could have died unnoticed.

Most especially, if Ilari has any knowledge of Yue, Lukas would have had to pry that corpse out of Lari's cold, dead, fingers (as the saying goes. () )

On a semi-related note: How big is your society? ^^ I mean, country sized, city sized...I think I want to make mine about Russia-sized, and have it with the majority of people. It's important for what I want to do with Safira~! Btu there's gotta be other countries too...probably centralized on one or two continents with surrounding islands, though... any thoughts? ^^
AquaWaters Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009
haha Thank you~ yeah, originally it was Wang (and I know many english people would laugh at that. -.-; ) but it was meaning something like MoonLight, which was a combination of both moon and sun. But I decided to just make him all moon. >_>;

Living for a long time, I think his empathy for humans kind of ... lessened. So he'd probably destroy whatever is in his path and get whatever he can to achieve his goal, although he tends to like to observe and play around with his enemies, as a form of entertainment for him. So yeah... Maria would be in danger if he found her. >_> She could be like the damsel in distress in this story!!

Yeah, I was honestly very iffy about how to go about with how Ilari would react to her death and how she would end up as a doll... >_>; So that's the reason why I put [subjected to change], to see what your imput would be for this. :)

The only thing I don't understand would be when Lukas would have found Lorina. o_o I mean, if Ilari would have been defending her dead body, how would she have come back to life eventually? Does he bury her and Lukas finds out secretly? haha And what happens to Lukas? o_o does he kind of journey out with Yue to help find her soul or something? and Ilari goes and chase after Lukas or something? That way both Yue and Lukas could be allies, just using the other for their own means. Although I don't know Lukas too well... >_o;

It'd be up to you whether you want Ilari to know about Yue, but I do kind of want him to not know too much about him. >_> Just pretty much everything I said in the description. haha I do kind of want Yue to be mysterious.

I'd say the Society is about... hm, an isolated village maybe? With about 500~1000 people. It's not big, but bigger than a village. I like your idea about making yours the majority of the people. o.o I'm not sure about the others... you can go wild on them if you have any ideas though! ^^
Wulfe Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009
Ee, poor Maria~! That girl gets no rest even in the next life. XD;

You're right, it's much better if he doesn't know about it. Mysterious is good~! Plus, it'd be a big reveal later in the story. o.o No need to ruin opportunities for drama. ^^

In that case, Ilari was just being unreasonable. Like in X, when Kamui wouldn't let go of Kotori's severed head. He didn't go anywhere, but he probably did fight. Though it would have been rather pointless, considering he was only a 1 year vampire at the time. Hopefully Lukas didn't hurt him. ()

I think it takes a few days for a body to spoil, so that should work okay for the resurrecting. ^^ The delay might even be why her soul had already moved on.

As for Lukas, he's kind of a passive character, so he'd just stay at home with his wives. Journeying would be too much trouble. But, hm... there isn't much to tell about him. When he was a human, he had a twin sister named Luka (extremely creative parents. () He calls himself Luka sometimes too...yeah..). Anyways, she got married and died in childbirth, and he was distraught and wanted to kill himself. Ended up as a vampire instead, kinda creepily watching Luka's descendants from afar, which is why he was willing to help Lorina. He probably wouldn't be adverse to helping Xin and Xeo a bit on the same principle, maybe pointing them in Yue's direction, 'cause they'd remind him of Luka and himself.

I think Yue might still be a good reason for Ilari to leave, though~! Since he must come by sometimes to pick up his supplies, he could drop a book, or mention something about reincarnation...considering how invested Ilari is into the idea of heaven and hell due to his religion, finding out about that would be a pretty big turning point for him. Yue can still be mysterious and have one conversation with Ilari, right? ^^

About the society, sounds good~! I want Safira to try and start a war between Ilari's country and some other one, since that's about the most destructive thing she could be doing.
AquaWaters Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009
ok! changed the details a little on the pic for how Lorina became a zombie.

And it's kind of funny about Lukas past! it's almost the same as Yue~ Although I'm not sure if I should mention it now... or reveal it later! D:

A war would be good. o_o Would they be a human nation VS human nation? or Moon goddess minions VS humans who worship the Sun God? And your right, haha starting a massive war among the great nations would be one of the worst things Safira can do~ haha
KouNaraishi Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009  Professional Filmographer
Good job making her look lifeless and with glow lighting ^^
AquaWaters Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009
haha thank you~ I enjoy making people look souless or possessed. D: I should do it more often. *too much fun!*
Shinjuuki Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009
nice picture^^
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